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Compliance for landlords

30 March, 2017



Fire Blanket

This should be mounted on the wall in the kitchen. A fire blanket in a drawer or cupboard is not sufficient as it's not as easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Smoke alarm(s)

One wired smoke alarm is sufficient or 2 battery operated smoke alarms but these must have special '10 year long life' batteries. Multi-unit developments (e.g. apartments) have further requirements which should be provided by the owners/block management company (OMC).



Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Must have special integrated 10 year battery and fitted in each of the following locations:

  • In each room containing a gas or solid-fuel fire/stove

  • In each room containing a gas fired boiler

  • Either inside each bedroom or in the hallway/landing if it sits within 5m of each bedroom door

Window Restrictors

Must be fitted on all windows where the bottom of the window is 140cm above the external ground level.




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