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Renting out a Property – An Infographic

18 March, 2014

Renting or selling your property can be a daunting process as a property owner. There are many factors to consider and much to organise before you rent/sell your property. While hiring a Property Agent is the most reliable way to carry out this process there are a few things you as the landlord must be aware of too.

This info graphic goes through the process of renting out a property. The first section of this info graphic is a guide as to how to select your property agent. Selecting the right property agent for your needs is a crucial part of the process and one that can ensure the task runs smoothly. Some easy steps you can take are researching how long this particular agent has been in business for and what kind of online presence this company has.

Also you should try and meet your potential property agent in their working environment to get a feel for their work, as this info graphic points out a good property agent spends very little time at their desk! These are all tell-tell signs that will help you reach a decision. The next section of this info graphic walks you through the steps of renting out your property from Step 1 ensuring the property is in good condition and that it reaches a certain standard by law to checking the prospective tenants ability to pay rent right through to signing the lease and collecting rent money from the new occupants.

The final section of this info graphic details the Building Energy Rating (BER) Scheme. BER is a compulsory energy efficiency rating for all homes being bought, sold or rented in Ireland. This info graphic outlines who is entitled to BER, how the assessment is carried out, the benefits, the validity and the cost and calculation.

Renting Out A Proprty Infographic

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