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What You Need to Know About Selling Your House in Ireland

20 August, 2014

This infographic outlines the key items you need to consider when selling a property in Ireland. The first thing you need to take into account is who you need to hire in order to help you carry this out. An Auctioneer should be your first point of call and you should choose an Auctioneer who is best qualified on marketing and selling property. After you have appointed your Auctioneer you should appoint a Solicitor and immediately instruct them to pick up the title deeds to your house as this can take time so it is best to get this done as early as possible.

Your Auctioneer will arrange for viewings of your house which you should take the time to make highly presentable. A fresh coat of paint and removing unwanted clutter is high advisable in order to maximise the sales potential of the house.

When one potential buyer becomes the potential new owner of the house and you have agreed a selling price, your Auctioneer will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal that he or she can. Many potential house buyers will commission an Engineers Report. If your house has been modified or extended, most Auctioneers will recommend that the seller appoint their own Engineer to certify the work before you put the house on the market.

Your Auctioneer will send a Sales Advice Notice to the Solicitors on both sides so that the contract phase of the deal can begin. The Solicitors then go through the process of issuing, returning, signing and exchanging contracts. In many cases, general questions surrounding the title are raised called requisitions and those are acknowledged and answered.

Deeds are transferred, house keys are given and a closing date is agreed. This is also the time for the seller to pick up and vacate the house plus inform utility companies about the move. Finally the sales closure takes place where the balance of the purchase monies is handed over in exchange for the title deeds.


Selling Your House in Ireland Infographic

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