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The Property Bubble in Ireland: From Boom to Bust Infographic

21 May, 2014

This infographic entitled ‘From Boom to Bust and Back Again: The Property Bubble in Ireland’ has been provided by Cork Estate Agents, Rose Property Services.

The Celtic Tiger era in Ireland saw house prices rise consistently from 1995, it seemed too good to be true and sadly it was. In 2008 the Irish Economy went from boom to bust and the housing market went with it.

This infographic details some of the most noteworthy properties that we bought and sold during this time and highlights the effect the recession had on the housing market. This infographic documents the sale value of these properties mid- Celtic Tiger and then again during the economic decline. For example, the Manufacturing Plant site of the Irish Glass Bottle Company sold for €412 million in 2006 and seven years later sold for only €30 million in 2013. This €382 million loss means that the current value of the area is a mere 7.2% of what was paid for it in the 2006 deal.

The next section of this infographic examines the real winners and losers of the Irish Property Bubble, while many people were directly and indirectly affected by the housing market crash the information below looks at who lost the most money during this time and who made money by selling at the right time! The final section of this infographic questions, is 2014 the year of the housing market recovery? Read on and see for yourself.

The Property Bubble in Ireland

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