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Top 10 Tips for Tenants

1. Describe your ideal home to agency before booking any viewings

2. Request references from your employer(s) & previous landlord(s) before viewings. This is vital to avoid losing the property that you really want to take. If you like that property then others will too!

3. Read lease carefully before signing it so you understand each clause

4. Make sure you confirm during lease signing who your point of contact is during the tenancy. This might not be the agency who you did viewings with

5. Pay special attention to the ‘statement of condition’ form or inventory in your lease as this is likely to influence the return of your security deposit

6. During tenancy tenants are required to notify landlords of any maintenance issues in the house. If issues are not reported in a timely manner then tenants could be liable

7. If you do need to report a technical problem in the property then please check filters in appliances or fuse boards for electrical issues BEFORE calling the owner

8. If you are requesting from your point of contact that maintenance issues to be completed then email is a useful way to keep track of progress as you can refer back to the dates and times

9. Paying rent on time is the most basic responsibility of the tenant and late payment can have serious implications for landlords who might be penalised by their mortgage companies. If you are late with rent then call your point of contact immediately

10. Treat your dealings with landlord like a business relationship & maintain professional approach even if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Ask a reputable agency for advice if you need help.

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